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How to Make A Rent Payment?  It’s EASY!

Click on the Tenant Web Access portal below to process a payment. If it's your first time visiting the Tenant Web Access portal, please register your email with the manager to be able to create an account.  There is also a YouTube tutorial link below if you need further guidance.

The Tenant Web Access Portal (powered by Zego PayLease) offers you the following benefits:

  • Online payments via electronic check (ACH is FREE!), credit card, or debit card.

  • Automate your payments to pay rent and eliminate late fees (payment must be initiated on or before due date and time).

  • The Zego system uses the highest security measures and undergoes extensive security testing every year as part of their annual compliance requirements and review.

  • They are here to help if you have any concerns regarding your payment, please call Zego PayLease at 866-729-5327.


If you do not have an email to sign up for Tenant Web Access, this option is for you!

  • Cash payments can be made at local participating vendors.  To find a  location near you, please visit PayLease Zego CASHPAY Locations.

  • Please contact the manager to obtain a CASHPAY Account number.  You can also purchase a card to carry in your wallet for $17 with all your CASHPAY information on it!

  • CASHPAY fee is $4.

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